Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Visit to the Ikonoskop headquarters

Above is a picture of my reflexed A-cam filming time-lapse on the set of The Wilkinsons. Compare this to what is on Ikonoskop's website ( )

It is January 25th and I am in Stockholm briefly to visit the Ikonoskop people, makers of the super 16mm A-cam camera.

This morning I was picked up by Ikonoskop's cofounder Goran Olsson, who drove me "the long way" from the hotel to the company.

On the way, he pointed out, among other places, where the Nobel prizes are given out; where the former prime minister was shot; the Ingmar Bergman theater and the National museum, where he claimed there were about SIX Rembrandt paintings!!! A quick search of the National Musem website seemed to mention there were quite a few paintings, sketches and drawings.

When we arrived to Ikonoskop, I met with their technician, who also goes by the name of Goran. Both Gorans, who had never seen the A-cam in reflexed version, stared at the camera in mild shock. I could practically hear the hamster runninng in Goran Olsson's head. :-)


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