Friday, June 16, 2006

More on dSLR as light meter

A quick post since I'm moving this week.

The first image is with the Nikon D200 as the light rose over Lac St Jean. Nikon lens was 50mm f/1.8 set to 1000 iso 1/50th shutter.

The second image is our crew, 4'x2 kino with daylight bulbs, covered with 216 + ND6.

The last image is a frame grab from the coloring session, camera was the Arri 2C w/ zeiss superspeed 35mm lens f/1.4, Fuji 500T.

By the time we went to camera, the makeup was finished with touch-ups, and the light had come out a little. There was slight use of the defocus board on her skin tone in telecine.

Also, the music video was overall biased towards the blue, so we decided to warm up this shot and take advantage of that pinkish light in the background


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