Saturday, February 24, 2007

A-cam pix

From the ikonoskop website, the pictures were taken back from when I went to Sweden last year with the A-cam. (and yes, this is my camera pictured, not just any generic reflexed a-cam)


Blogger sputnik said...

Hey this is Gavin. Loved your comments about Singapore. Too bad we didn't hook up earlier. Keep in touch.

2:30 AM  
Blogger Kino said...

Hello, got myself an A-Cam but Duall says they're not doing the reflex upgrade at the moment... owch! That 9mm lens is too wide for me.

Incidentally, what viewfinder did you give em for your conversion?

Completely new to the world of Super-16, hope you can help. Keep posting!

7:15 AM  
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Blogger Uouo Uo said...

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