Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Frame grabs

andrea window CU
Originally uploaded by duraid.

A quick note on these frame grabs: even they they come from a powerful machine like the Spirit, these are 720x480 jpeg files with medium compression.

Suffice to say, they look a lot sharper off the digibeta.

This shot has a 'power window' vignetting the edges of the frame. it was shot with 7218 stock, no color correction filtration, black frost 1/4. We retained most of the 'cool' look in the telecine rather than correct.

Final look of office

andrea office final
Originally uploaded by duraid.

Here is an image of the office with the final corrections. As you can see, the highlights of the flourescents were brought to a bluish-whitish look, as opposed to the natural green they originally emanated.

It's quite a testament to the versatility of the filmstock as well as the telecine. Not to mention Walt's magnificence at working this image so nicely.

Green Highlights

andrea office green highlight
Originally uploaded by duraid.

Here, the image is almost fully corrected. The colors were all shifted to lose the green, which created a fairly pleasing look in the background. The floorboards look a lot morelike they did in real life.

all that's left is the green in the highlights, which I thought were uncorrectable. They are seen most prominently on the ceiling light fixtures .

"Normal" look

andrea office green bg
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Here we have a normal look, with the green of the flourescents really showing through the walls and the wooden floors.

Keep in mind, Walt did a little bit of his recipe to smooth out the skin tones of the singer.

1st look

andrea office warm
Originally uploaded by duraid.
Walt, our colorist, created a 'warm' look with the negative.

Interesting, but not what we were looking for

The Weekend "Into the Morning" Video

All right.

So this video was a wee bit hectic, and there was no time to test some of the things we wanted to try, and little time to even think about what we're doing.

The director of this video is Ian Macdonald. More info on him and YYZ pictures (his company) can be found at

The music video is for a band called The Weekend (, who have their first single from their new album coming out with the release of the movie D.E.B.S.

Their new album is "Beatbox my Hearbeat" and the first single is "Into the Morning" - more info can be found on their website.

There were two main locations : a loft space (Ian's office) and a karaoke bar room.

Techincal geeky info:

Shot on super 16mm film, Kodak 7218, 7246. Normal development.

Cameras: Bolex SBM with PL mount and Optar lenses: 8mm, 16mm, 25mm, 50mm
A-Cam with 9mm lens.

Transfer: Spirit with 2K DaVinci color corrector, Walt Bidjan over at Technicolor Toronto.

The loftspace.

We had a four hour window to be able to shoot here before the ambient daylight would drop too much. We lit with a couple of kinoflo lights and a Chimera.

The skylight coming in was very cool in color temperatureowing to the cloudy day outside. The kinos had daylight balanced bulbs, and the Chimera was puinched through by a Lowell light with 1/2 CTB. Plus, there was a line of overhead regular flourescents, as shown by the pictures below.

All of which made for a very mixed lighting situation.

New Site

I've moved here because it's easier to manage, also much easier to post pictures from remote locations.