Friday, January 27, 2006

And finally, I'm outta here, on my way to Holland, where I will drop by to the Rotterdam film festival to screen Pablo Aravena's film NEXT, and this quirky short called Usto Justo.

I will try to blog more from the festival depending on time and wifi connection

Thursday, January 26, 2006

That's Goran and David in the frozen tundra of Stockholm.

Dinner consisted of Jerusalem Artichoke soup and a Gnocchi dish. Afterwards Goran and David drove me around a little more, pointing out the famous Swedish Film Institute and some film lab where he had to drop off dailies.

On the way back to the hotel, I learned that Ikea is NOT Swedish for common sense. and the Swedish chef on the muppets doesn't really speak Swedish.

Last evening in Stockholm

Met Goran and David (from the production company Story) this evening, and we went out to dinner. On the way, we made a pit stop to a post-house where Daniel Jonsater was wroking.

Daniel Jonsater is the cofounder of Ikonoskop and the A-cam, and Goran was eager to show him the reflex A-cam. Like Goran the day before, Daniel stood staring at it in stunned silence before he proceeded to inspect it further, look through the viewfinder, etc.

More from Stockholm

Top to bottom :

- Combo fork and knife. This to me seems like such an anomaly. How do you combine these two utensils when one is kinda used in conjunction with the other? (i.e., you cut with the knife while holding with the fork)

- Jacob's café, where you can enjoy some coffee and, umm

- Advertisement at a hot dog stand ... don't you think the hot dog company should speak to the bun company ?

More incredible-ness from Stockholm

What you see above is a typical vending machine rack.

But peer closely at the right, and you will see an honest-to-goodness apple.

Not apple candy, made with real apple taste, not Apple Strudel, not apple chocolate or apple gum.

Simply an apple.

Hard to believe - something good for you, and fresh, in a vending machine.

There are a few fantastical things about Stockholm very few people know about.

First - one can possess superhero powers when placing his/her hands between the doors of the subway while they are closing.

The trick is to yell "OLYCKSRISK!" at the top of your lungs as they close. This, apparently, is Swedish for "SHAZAM!"

Further evidence of this is in the next photo, which shows how a seemingly normal man can, with the wave of a hand, atomize particles (on the left) and make his enemies sit (right)

I myself tried to conjure this strange magic up, but could not seem to gain the power. Although, I must say, some people did run off in fright, even further proving the veracity of my claim.

Incredible, this land of Sweden.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The a-cam builder

This is a-cam technician and assembler Goran Falk.

He had built cameras #40 up until #108 and counting

Some would call this a crazed look. I prefer to use the term eccentric. (Seriously, he's a sweet guy)

Behind him are his plans to take over the world... er, the 'exploded' views of the a-cam, as they're known in design lingo.

Snapshots of the A-cam factory

Here are some random snapshots I took while Goran Falk was disassembling/reassembling my camera.

That one image of the desk with the prehistoric computer is where the electronics are assembled and tested.

Visit to the Ikonoskop headquarters

Above is a picture of my reflexed A-cam filming time-lapse on the set of The Wilkinsons. Compare this to what is on Ikonoskop's website ( )

It is January 25th and I am in Stockholm briefly to visit the Ikonoskop people, makers of the super 16mm A-cam camera.

This morning I was picked up by Ikonoskop's cofounder Goran Olsson, who drove me "the long way" from the hotel to the company.

On the way, he pointed out, among other places, where the Nobel prizes are given out; where the former prime minister was shot; the Ingmar Bergman theater and the National museum, where he claimed there were about SIX Rembrandt paintings!!! A quick search of the National Musem website seemed to mention there were quite a few paintings, sketches and drawings.

When we arrived to Ikonoskop, I met with their technician, who also goes by the name of Goran. Both Gorans, who had never seen the A-cam in reflexed version, stared at the camera in mild shock. I could practically hear the hamster runninng in Goran Olsson's head. :-)